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Jan 30, 2004

Hey today was good but im goin to tallk about y-day cuz i didnt get to update.Ne way i got my cell fone and i took it to skool!i love it!and then to my surprise Kortney Cola came back!yay!Shes so funni she had the "flu" yes!But ne way nuttin really happened cept Ashley and Shemiah got in toa fight at lunch!That was horribly funni!lol then after skool we had practice.Not all that fun.tHEN nIKKI WAS crin bc sumone called her a bitch.yeah i felt bad..ive never called her a bitch..but im goin to keep some things to myself..ne way after parctice and the cheerleaders went to the wrestling match!and to my lil old suprise here comes NICK NICK and Llama lover! lol..we had looads of fun..thats wen i found out mcdizzy wizzy chipped her tooth poor dizzy wizzy!And mighty might Bj was cryin i felt bad.Hes a really great person once u get to kno him..but let me tell u hes a pain in the ass if u dont kno him but ne way luv ya Bee!Well i went home and did u guessed it NOTHIN! haha!Then wen to be.Then today i didnt go to skoll b.c i had to go to my cousins funeral.It was sadd..*frowns*..but yea i got to see my family.I wish the pep rally wish we would have gotten report cards!Stupid snow dayss!Oh well..Its hard tryin to gte along wit ppl.Thats why i like to be by my lil old self well bitch this is the end so buh bye buh bye buh bye C YA!

Posted at 03:21 pm by TrippyBitch09
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Jan 28, 2004
Bitch Day

Today i was a real live bitch..*sigh*.Uhh..we had skool and i was happi!First period was funn!Roastin jon king wit Manda and goin to the computer lab!That was fun!Then 2nd period we watched a gay borin movie about slavery!OOH BABII!I sit by Travis so it was that borin!Yea and i was pissed off cuz my boyfriend asked me if i was a man!Omg that was soo fuck'd up!Who the hell is spreadin these fuckin dumb rumors about me bein gay and a man!Ok yea..stupid ass ppl!Yea manda im joinin  the kkk! haha!Then 3rd period was soo fun!STUDY HALL!Not that i study we talk and do wutever we want cuz mrs.best is soo nice!Then math fourth period was kinda borin..!Mrs.Parrock is nice but borin..*ugh dread that period* then 5 period was ok..Villione is nice and i like never get in trouble in that class!Im gettin a A+ too!Whoo-hOO!Then 6th period Whited.I like her but shes the "GUM HUNTER"she can stiff out gum like a hound..shes ok i guess..i got an A on my humbug and i dont kno wut on my questions.Oh and that reminds me im gettin an A in English too!Then choir wass sooo fun!Mr.Adair was nice today..he's really strict lately..but maybe its cuz he has treatment for his cancer..and he's retiring NEXT YEAR!omg!but next year is my last year soo.. :c( ..but ne way..i had fun in homeroom! Me and Kourtney Cross r ok now..b4 she wasnt nice to me..ok.. ya..ne way...mad cuz i didnt get to talk to my coach Jacci..shes great! *sigh*..damn..ne way kinda tired at the moment so lata...

Posted at 05:39 pm by TrippyBitch09
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Jan 27, 2004
Hey Ppl!

Hey yo today was great!Whoo-hoo!we havent had skool since last thursday this is great!All i fricken did was talk on the fone,talk online,or do wutever!Im happi!And mainly talkin to Nicki!My best friend eva!And yea im kinda feelin drifty from kayla marie!She's great but we're not best best friends like before...*sigh*...then umm..i woke up @ 10:00..and im not like nicki and i didnt look at the weather as miss.weathervane does!But ne way talked online and talked to nicki on the damn fone as  usual...FUCKIN SAD WRESTLING GAME WAS CANCELLED!!Seriously..and den i had cheerleading practiice @ my big sista's house!it was soo fun..we learned the pep rally dance in 1 hour i think.Im so happi!Im decoratin mike masterson,and eric braxton!Ho ho ho wut a merry christmas present! SHIDD!!!!! HAHA! alternate for shit! cuz umm...POS! haha Nicki!
well yea thats it i guess SHAKE LIKE A SALT SHAKA!
BORIN DAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 07:12 pm by TrippyBitch09
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